Obsidian-Git install and setup

Obsidian-Git install and setup requirements:
Computer environment: these instructions are established and tested on macOS

  • Github:

    • Github account required
    • Github access verified (need some simple tests?)
    • create Github repository to mirror the shared Obsidian vault
      • clone that Github repo on the local machine (verify?)
  • Obsidian:

    • establish cloned Github repo as a vault

    • add .obsidian/ files to .gitignore file (commit and push)

    • enable "Community plugins" in Obsidian (this requires turning "Safe mode" OFF)

    • install Obsidian-Git plugin

    • set Obsidian-Git options

  • Test and verify Obsidian-Git operation


  • Now that Obsidian-Git has the pull before push option, let's test that.

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2021-02 - 2021-03 Obsidian Git notes

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