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Timothy Garton Ash, "Putin, Pushkin and the decline of the Russian empire" []( [...]

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- [[2024-02-27 WLA-notesOnGhoshApocalypse]] - [[2024-03-10 Ken Homer - NYT Manifesting]] - [[Amitav Ghosh - Intimations of apocalypse]] - [[2023-05-14 Notes on Gnosticism]] - [[2023-11-28-gabriel_export - on paths]] - [[2023-07-23 Ken Homer - An [...]

2023-10-26: this helped me see some specific file diffs with previous commits ```shell $ git log --since="2023-10-01" --oneline --pretty=format:"%h %ad %s"\n $ git diff 0ef9708 -- tests/bespoke-tests/ ``` 2024-03-15: force use of a specific [...]

- notes stimulated by conversation with Wendy Elford and leximancer analysis of a transcript of AG's talk 1. present-day zeitgeist around history ending apocalypse; roots in 1950s nuclear arms race; current expressions and actions led by techno and [...]