2021-02 - 2021-03 Obsidian Git notes

2021-02-27 Installed Obsidian Git; now what?

  • prolly need to set up credentials for github access

2021-02-28 Deleted Obsidian Git

  • rebooted machine

  • interested to see what happens with Git credentials

  • re-installed Obsidian Git but I still do not see how to set up anything; like, where are the settings?

    • OK, so i need to actually turn it on (doh!)
    • and it says "git:ready" in the bottom bar
  • now what?

  • OK, once enabled I found the setup options. So let us see what happens. (Maybe restart Obsidian first?)

  • Yay! that all worked. And seems to work.

Just wait a minute, bucky! Not so fast.

  • a git update happened 2 hours ago, but new changes do not seem to be acted on.
  • ha, ha, doh! "Read the instructions, mr. bill"


  • setup hotkeys for Obsidian-Git


Obsidian-Git install and setup

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