SW Heritage

Colin Gordon csgordon@types.pl (@csgordon): As a 3x artifact evaluation chair, again, git repositories on reliable commercial hosting sites are not archival. Deletion is only one of many reasons. See also Google Code, and Bitbucket deleting all mercurial repos. This happens somewhere every ~5 years. https://twitter.com/TheRegister/status/1555241607628083201

Roberto Di Cosmo (@rdicosmo): @csgordon This is one of the reasons we started @SWHeritage many years ago: archive and reference #software #sourcecode with its development history for the long term. We should all use it for #research software, and in #AECs 👉 https://www.softwareheritage.org/howto-archive-and-reference-your-code/ 1/3

Roberto Di Cosmo (@rdicosmo): @csgordon @SWHeritage 2/3 Today, you can trigger archival of software you care about in just one click, using dedicated browser extensions 👉https://www.softwareheritage.org/browser-extensions/ And you can cite software with the biblatex-software package from CTAN 👉https://www.softwareheritage.org/2020/05/26/citing-software-with-style/ Now included in the #ACM LaTeX package!

Roberto Di Cosmo (@rdicosmo): @csgordon @SWHeritage 3/3 We saved ~1M projects from gitorious, google code, and bitbucket, see 👉 "Discontinued hosting" on https://archive.softwareheritage.org/. Will do http://gitlab.com too. May you help getting researchers to use @SWHeritage without waiting for crisis like this?