From: Christina Bowen sagecbowen@gmail.com Subject: Re: [OGM] La Nina events and droughts Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2021 17:25:58 -0700

Hi all,

I'm a bit drowning, so have been pretty quiet in OGM, but I'd be interested in the OGM<>GRC conversation. My team at https://www.socialroots.io/ is heads down building this sort of thing as fast as we can, as an Nation Science Foundation funded cooperative, and we know we want to limit what we build and have a cooperative accessible API ecosystem for the specific features that folks want. We hope to have at least an alpha in the new year?

Dave, I tried to get GRC onto the mattermost servers a while back, without success, when we were playing with the portal ideas in DigLife.

(I'm near Jerry, in Pacific time, for scheduling)

Hope to talk soon

Best, Christina https://knowledgeecologist.me/

PS Also, for any here interested in interoperability and decentralized tech, in the next 6 weeks I'll be doing a reboot of https://kumu.io/DigLife/decentralized-tech to expand and improve, and will be trying to use https://murmurations.network/

They have a little funding and are looking for a developer.