Harvey, Manley, Hickman - Ecology, psychoanalysis and global warming

Ecology, psychoanalysis and global warming: present and future traumas (tandfonline.com)

page 3:

... the conference considered Psychoanalysis, because the problems that drive ecological disaster originate in a human aggression and hostility to the idea of being dependent on the ecological systems of our shared planet, like an attack on the Kleinian 'good breast'. Psychoanalysis, or rather a psychosocial approach that brings individual human experience into the realm of the shared social fabric of human systems, can help us understand the social defences and unconscious processes at play in the earth's destruction.

2023-12-06: pinning this link to Dark Ecology by Timothy Morton as a reminder to read it further.

  • https://archive.org/details/darkecologyforlo0000mort/page/n5/mode/2up

2023-12-08: the excerpt above also links with Martha Nussbaum's description of infant emotions and fantasies related to dependence on, and control of, objects (object relations) (TODO: find a good citation for this)