Notes and highlights for The End of White Politics

by Maxwell, Zerlina

Notes extracted from Kindle: 2020-09-20

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Introduction: What Now, Liberals?

  • Page 12 · Location 157

    need to evolve to meet the demands of winning .

Chapter 1 Demonized Politics

  • Page 30 · Location 358

It's the decision of the traditionally white and male establishment leaders to invest in white voters versus the Democratic voters of the future, which they shy away from, so they can pretend we still live in the status quo. We don't live there anymore, and we shouldn't be afraid of the future. ^b6cd0e

Chapter 2 Bernie Bros Exist and So Does White Privilege

  • Page 42 · Location 458

Caged children aren't concerned with the nuance of Wall Street regulation, but people are suffering because the Bernie or bust set wasn't able to see past their own preferences and prejudices.

  • Page 45 · Location 495

in some ways, the supporters of Trump and the Bernie Bros are responding to the same perceived loss of privileges --- privileges that they have been afforded for generations.

Chapter 3 The White Resistance

  • Page 49 · Location 514

WHEN YOU'RE ACCUSTOMED to privilege, equality feels like oppression.

  • Page 53 · Location 571

We're not unique in our evils ... I think where we may be singular is our refusal to acknowledge them, and the legends and myths we tell about our inherent goodness to hide, and cover, and conceal, so that we can maintain a kind of willful ignorance that protects our innocence.

  • Page 64 · Location 714

Moderation is outdated for our times and our intractable problems, and this rush to the Democratic center is futile at best.

Chapter 6 The Hashtag Kids

  • Page 137 · Location 1532

I don't need you [ Biden ] to work with Republicans. I need you to push the Republicans out and I need you to vigorously fight for an agenda that will actually do something for me, because working with the Republicans means you're working with people who are trying to destroy my ability to thrive . ... You're talking about working with the people who are trying to take away my health care, with the people who make these sexist and racist remarks all the time, the people who are basically responsible for all this gun violence ... when you think about the issues that are at the forefront, particularly in the black community, and working people ... the Republican agenda is the opposite.

Chapter 7 The Blue Wave Is Not Uncle Joe

  • Page 168 · Location 1884

We need a bolder vision than looking back because there is no time in the past where women and people of color collectively have had more power than we do right now.

  • Page 168 · Location 1889

We want to progress toward a more equitable future. We want a future that radically reimagines American society, a future that requires a leader to speak truth to power about the present and past with an actual understanding of the cost of a gallon of milk in our neighborhoods --- and whether or not that's even affordable .

  • Page 172 · Location 1924

white Americans have had over a three-hundred-year head start in this country, so it's time for everyone else to catch up. And the starting line is the ballot box.

Chapter 8 The Billionaire Boys' Club

  • Page 176 · Location 1945

And while income inequality itself is colorblind, the effect of historically classist and racist structures -- such as gerrymandering and redlining -- have left generations a lap behind their fellow Americans.

  • Page 176 · Location 1946

(I do not understand how "income inequality" is colorblind. Maybe ZM means the class distinction is more important? This sentence seems out of tune with the themes in this essay. [WLA])

Conclusion: The Path Forward

  • Page 200 · Location 2219

American voters must reflect on why diversity was whittled down in favor of stale pale male politics. As feminist writer Lauren Duca wrote after the last viable woman candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren, exited the race: "I'm afraid it's too late to ask to un-see The Matrix now. America is an oligarchy ruled by the hierarchy of the white supremacist patriarchy, and we must each commit to a habit of political action, out of duty to ourselves and each other. At any given moment, you're either actively fighting for equality, or you're complicit in the system of oppression that prevents it."

  • Page 201 · Location 2232

The end of white politics post-Trump has to be an intentional act by the Democratic Party. It has to be an intentional movement to see people of color as powerful and essential components of a winning progressive coalition.

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