2021-04-29 Notes on learning and instructional design

Twitter as a source for learning about learning and critques of the same.

Dr. Jessica Marie Johnson - @jmjafrx: https://twitter.com/jmjafrx/status/1387367532277997568

"...much of the field, with its roots in military training, had evolved into a landscape of prescriptive models based on a poor understanding of human learning..."

Empire is right beneath the surface of most things. We just have to look.

Jesse Stommel - @Jessifer: 
“An instructional design model or quality assurance process is useless
(and worse than useless) if an institution fails to listen to and learn
from its own faculty, staff, and students.”

From my new ⁦@HybridPed⁩ piece coauthored with ⁦@mburtis: 

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