2022-11-04-09 Zoë Keating - artists who influenced me

Zoë Keating (@zoecello): It’s @Bandcamp Friday! 100% of your purchase goes directly to the artists. Here are a few artists who influenced me: 🧵

Alexander Balanescu’s album of Kraftwerk covers for string quartet, “Possessed”, was partially responsible for sending me down this path of layered cello music. Give it a listen on the service of your choice and then purchase his latest directly from him:


Jhno was our housemate at 964 Natoma. Through him I discovered a world of experimental electronica I didn’t know about and from there I got the idea to make cello music sound “electronic” without using electronics. I also borrowed all this looping gear


Robin Guthrie, you know him from the soaring soundscapes of the Cocteau Twins. This is what guitars sound like in heaven.


Bright Brown, aka Alex Nahas. If you’ve heard me live, you’ve heard him running my sound. I played cello in his band in the 90s and consequently fell in love with schlepping heavy gear 100s of miles and eating french fries covered in gravy at 2am.


Tarentel. Another band I played with 20 (!) years ago that introduced me to the wonderful wide world of instrumental post-rock. Thats me playing cello on “Popol Vuh”.