Shoshana Zuboff (@shoshanazuboff): Friends, Elon sees Twitter as the “common digital town square,”but this “town" is not Our Town. It is Muskville. A public square isn't owned by billionaire megalomaniacs. It belongs to the people, ruled by democracy. Instead we obsess over a man we never elected to govern. [1/6]

Shoshana Zuboff (@shoshanazuboff): Today Elon says Twitter will not be a “Hellscape.” But tomorrow he may awaken craving Hell. Society is at his mercy. This is vast unaccountable power that leaves us bystanders to our own future. [2/6]

Shoshana Zuboff (@shoshanazuboff): Sound familiar? We’ve begged Mr. Zuckerberg to end the social wreckage, honor privacy, stop disinformation and hate. It all just gets worse. Now Free Press reports on Facebook’s abysmal failure to act, continuing to put elections at risk. [3/6]

Shoshana Zuboff (@shoshanazuboff): What's going on here? This is #SurveillanceCapitalism, where corrupt information is more profitable than truth. Without new rights and laws to guarantee democratic principles in this digital century, our pleas for pro-social corporate behavior are hopeless.[4/6]

Shoshana Zuboff (@shoshanazuboff): Welcome to democracy's abdication of our information and communication spaces to private ownership and #SurveillanceCapitalism where the emperors have all the clothes and we run naked. Paradoxically, no democracy can survive these conditions [5/6]

Shoshana Zuboff (@shoshanazuboff): Please! Let's take the energy directed toward Elon and redirect it toward those we elected to govern. Link arms and insist on a democratic digital future where we are protected from unaccountable power wielded by billionaires, despots, corporations, or governments. [6/6]