2022-09-25 Michael Nielsen - how beliefs change (Kahneman)

Michael Nielsen (@michael_nielsen): This entire essay by Kahneman - on how beliefs change (or don't) in response to evidence - is fascinating. https://www.edge.org/adversarial-collaboration-daniel-kahneman

The screenshot is a fun excerpt, but the entire piece is much deeper. https://twitter.com/michael_nielsen/status/1574204677847019520/photo/1

Lots of fascinating stories in there of adversarial collaborations he's participated in, and things he's learned from them https://twitter.com/michael_nielsen/status/1574206702320177152/photo/1

I recently reread Kuhn's "Structure", and it's impossible not to see it reflected throughout. https://twitter.com/michael_nielsen/status/1574208061140410368/photo/1

I sorta want to reread the whole thing, appending the phrase: ", and Danny Kahneman is probably more honest with himself than you" to nearly every sentence. Of course I do all these things...

Kahneman isn't talking about other people here. He's talking - over and over, with lots of amazing concrete detail - about himself. https://twitter.com/michael_nielsen/status/1574217832958611456/photo/1

Something interesting about a physics education: at least some people receiving such an education will strongly oppose one or both of relativity & quantum mechanics at first. I was such a person. It's a very interesting experience to be forced to change your mind by the evidence

Michael Nielsen (@michael_nielsen): It took me really about 4 years to do so for quantum mechanics. It's quite mind bending.