Kate Raworth (@KateRaworth): I'm so sorry to hear that the brilliant Hazel Henderson has died. For years I had her 1982 Layer Cake pinned by my desk - it became my starting point for drawing a new economics (see thread). I'm so glad that we met online & I could thank her. Listen in: https://worldbusiness.org/fellow-spotlight-hazel-henderson/ https://twitter.com/KateRaworth/status/1528866241683017728/photo/1

Kate Raworth (@KateRaworth): https://twitter.com/KateRaworth/status/1528866379117768705/photo/1

Kate Raworth (@KateRaworth): Her layer cake also inspired me to draw this Embedded Economy diagram: the living world is foundational. https://twitter.com/KateRaworth/status/1528866819700047872/photo/1

Kate Raworth (@KateRaworth): In the next life I think we'll run a bakery together.

Kate Raworth (@KateRaworth): https://www.ethicalmarkets.com/hazel-henderson-lifelong-futurist-author-and-environmental-thought-leader/