It'sME(Jaime) (@exceedhergrasp1): What are some things I consider Very Bad that I don't see?

It'sME(Jaime) (@exceedhergrasp1): 1) The Multiple-Hit Hypothesis

Folks who recovered from #LongCOVID can & will catch SARS-CoV-2 and contract #LongCOVID a second time. And many won't recover this time.

Many #pwME had multiple hits (usually but not necessarily w/o full recovery) before a 'point of no return'.

It'sME(Jaime) (@exceedhergrasp1): 2) A Deadlier Variant

People assumed Omicron was 'mild' because they observed fewer deaths. As it turns out, it was killing vaccinated ppl less often. It's not less deadly than other variants. There is no reason we will move towards less deadly variants.

It'sME(Jaime) (@exceedhergrasp1): The idea that viruses "naturally" always mutate to become less deadly is a very old idea but is not likely to be the case.

If we continue to allow SARS-CoV-2 to spread freely, a much more deadly variant could be the result.

It'sME(Jaime) (@exceedhergrasp1): 3) We become a majority-disabled nation

Not all sequelae are '#LongCOVID Classic'.

Repeated infection leads to damage in most everyone, attacking each individual's weakest body system.

1/4 adults had a disability pre-pandemic, so this is VERY much in reach.

It'sME(Jaime) (@exceedhergrasp1): If #3 happens, we'll see the collapse of industries. Food shortages, supply chain issues of today will worsen.

This is our current path because:

  1. we can't admit our mistakes
  2. we've chosen to prioritize short-term financial gains over long-term stability

It'sME(Jaime) (@exceedhergrasp1): 4) Geopolitical power shifts

Many countries are doing much better with COVID than we are, one in particular that many would consider our rival in commerce. Fewer dead and disabled means more innovation, more workers, a better economy for them.

It'sME(Jaime) (@exceedhergrasp1): 5) A Ticking Time Bomb

Just like EBV triggers MS -- a long-term illness that often goes undiagnosed at first -- and HIV triggers AIDS, which may not manifest for years -- it could be that SARS-CoV-2 also has some unpleasant surprises in store 5,10,15 years down the line.

BlueDiamond (@BlueDia84446137): @exceedhergrasp1 I think you see this, but my take: The "great resignation" is actually mass disabling by Long COVID. We won't have enough able bodied workers to continue staffing at current levels. This will impact health care first, because it's a highly licensed industry & frontline.

BlueDiamond (@BlueDia84446137): @exceedhergrasp1 The lack of safe effective healthcare will lead to a lot of back alley medicine and pharm, and snowball effects of people dying, being disabled by other issues that otherwise might have been treatable.

What industry crashes next? My guess is K-12 public schools.

It'sME(Jaime) (@exceedhergrasp1): @BlueDia84446137 yup. Very indicative of our ableist culture (and Boomer dismissal of younger folks) that the main narrative is "people just don't want to work anymore".

And I'll add education. Education is SCREWED.

It'sME(Jaime) (@exceedhergrasp1): @BlueDia84446137 Followed by for-profit takeover.

Will NOT be pretty. Another potential downward spiral that profiteers will market attractively to parents.

They haven't the foggiest what they'd lose.

BlueDiamond (@BlueDia84446137): @exceedhergrasp1 Teachers are also frontline, exposed to COVID by dozens of potential avenues for illness everyday, often in poorly ventilated conditions where they can't control if they interact with masked students or not.

The smart ones are resigning at the end of this year.

BlueDiamond (@BlueDia84446137): @exceedhergrasp1 Middle class families are fleeing public schools for private schools with mask mandates, and/or better ventilation and/or online teaching capacity.

When there aren't enough teachers to teach kids effectively, this snowball will get worse.

Then you have the impacts on parents.

It'sME(Jaime) (@exceedhergrasp1): @BlueDia84446137 If they're able. Teachers aren't exactly wealthy. Teacher education is comically specific and often doesn't leave people fit for much else. Good luck to them

BlueDiamond (@BlueDia84446137): @exceedhergrasp1 In the end, I'm not sure we'll have enough capacity to prop up healthcare and education nationally. We've already lost so many without realizing it, and another two VOC are on their way. Do we create islands of competence? Communities centered on effectively managing COVID?

It'sME(Jaime) (@exceedhergrasp1): @BlueDia84446137 that'd be nice.

BlueDiamond (@BlueDia84446137): @exceedhergrasp1 Well, they are resigning from working at the public schools. But that doesn't mean they won't be working in teaching... for neighborhood pods, growing private schools, etc.