Elizabeth Mika (@yourauntemma): Frederick Burkle's "Antisocial Personality Disorder and Pathological Narcissism in Prolonged Conflicts and Wars of the 21st Century"


Elizabeth Mika (@yourauntemma): "...in a number of cases opportunistic leaders, suffering from severe antisocial character disorders, have emerged first as saviors and then as despots, or as common criminals claiming to be patriots, sharing a psychological framework that differs little from those responsible...

Elizabeth Mika (@yourauntemma): ...for World War II and the Cold War that followed.

I describe the identifying characteristics of this unique and poorly understood subset of the population who are driven to seek the ultimate opportunity to control, dictate, and live out their fantasies of power on the...

Elizabeth Mika (@yourauntemma): ...world scene and discuss why their destructive actions remain unabated in the 21st century.

Elizabeth Mika (@yourauntemma): Their continued antisocial presence, influence, and levels of violence must be seen as a global security and strategic issue that is not amenable to conventional diplomatic interventions, negotiations, mediations, or international sanctions."