Peter Kalmus (@ClimateHuman): The two things that most temper my hopes on humanity avoiding civilization-ending climate and ecological breakdown:

  1. The way COVID got politicized
  2. That people actually think a billionaire will "terraform" Mars and bring them there

basically, I'm not sure humans (or, enough humans) are smart enough or kind enough to stop it.

I strongly suspect world leaders are busy at COP26 embracing the absolute techno-bullshit that is CCS when they should be making detailed plans on how to end the fossil fuel industry within ten years. This would be disastrous. Here are my thoughts

A few more thoughts on how inadequate and impossible CCS will be to scale up in time to make any difference at all

I am not generally hopeless, but so long as world leaders chase CCS vaporware instead of the real work of ramping down the fossil fuel industry, there is essentially no hope. This is the key thing. We will know we're on the path to safety only when they stop chasing distractions

Here are some other ways to tell when we are finally collectively on the path to safety, and coming out of this climate and ecological nightmare.