Irritated Furiosa (@kellybarnhill): The last sentence is just chef's kiss

Irritated Furiosa (@kellybarnhill): We don't have a workers shortage. We have a shortage of acceptable bosses. And worse. We have a cultural misunderstanding of the value of work, and the honor of work, due to our obsequious devotion to capital.

Irritated Furiosa (@kellybarnhill): Capital doesn't safely drive a bus carrying your kid to school.. Capital doesn't care for your loved one in a nursing home. It doesn't haul food to the grocery store or deliver your mail or wipe down tables at a restaurant or fix a pothole on the street. Workers do that.

Irritated Furiosa (@kellybarnhill): Capitalism, in its current form, deifies those who hoard resources and cash, while it devalues those who actually do the work to keep our schools, hospitals, businesses, farms, factories, industries, cities, states and nation moving. Maybe it's time for a rethink.