George Monbiot (@GeorgeMonbiot): Current climate plans are based on a mistaken belief: That, through incremental change, we can stop a complex system from crashing. But complex systems don’t work like this. They steadily absorb stress, then suddenly flip. We don’t know how close the tipping points might be.

George Monbiot (@GeorgeMonbiot): By 2050 it might be all over. And I mean all. It's possible that we could see cascading environmental collapse, flipping Earth systems into an uninhabitable state. What is needed now is sudden and drastic action to stabilise our life support systems.

George Monbiot (@GeorgeMonbiot): Can it be done? Of course! The US switched its economy from civilian to military in a couple of months, following the attack on Pearl Harbour. And that was before digitisation made everything faster. What's lacking is not money or technology. It's political will.

George Monbiot (@GeorgeMonbiot): The problem is the power of legacy industries, and the people who have used them to become extremely rich. Their economic power currently outweighs our democratic power. This is what we need to change.

George Monbiot (@GeorgeMonbiot): In other words, to prevent Earth systems from flipping, we need to flip our political systems.

George Monbiot (@GeorgeMonbiot): And to everyone saying "too difficult", I say it's nothing compared to the "difficulty" of failing to do so: meaning the loss of our life support systems, and therefore of everything on which we depend.

George Monbiot (@GeorgeMonbiot): All my working life, however careful I've been to reflect scientific findings, I've been told I'm an "alarmist", a "hysteric", a "bedwetter" etc. But now that I have a little more understanding of how complex systems work, I realise that, if anything, I was too complacent.

George Monbiot (@GeorgeMonbiot): To those saying "but what? and how?", I don't have all the answers. But I have an outline of the political/economic destination I'd like to see: Private Sufficiency, Public Luxury, coupled with a far more deliberative and participatory politics. and

George Monbiot (@GeorgeMonbiot): I suggest a Big Organising model of political change, adapted and expanded from its original conception. Is it the right model? Will it work? Is it sufficient? I don't know. We need as many thinkers, organisers, activists and every other kind of person on this as we can get.

George Monbiot (@GeorgeMonbiot): All effective change requires a human ecosystem: large numbers of people with very different skills coming together to flip the system. Yes, a common vision is needed, but I suspect no one person has developed it in its entirety. Creating it also requires a common effort.