Ewout ter Haar (@ewout): Well this is load of bollocks, isn't it? As if attributes of interest to physicists are directly visible to them. They are not! (Update 2023-02-15: Tweet no longer available) https:twitter.com/ewout/status/1422321097937199106/photo/1

You think physicists "see" charge, or spin, or lengths, for that matter? No, they use instruments, just like psychologists do.

Instruments that mediate how the world presents itself, and also how we present ourself to the world. In other words, instruments that represent reality, but also affect it.

Note: " -- without models there are no data". A Vast Machine, P.N. Edwards, p. xiii.

2023-02-15: found this note by accident, discovered the link is dead.
This is a a nice comment on the topic of How we know what we know, a topic that deserves more consideration.