Greta Thunberg (@GretaThunberg): "Let’s be clear — what you are doing is not about climate action or responding to an emergency. It never was. This is communication tactics disguised as politics."

Yesterday I adressed the #AustrianWorldSummit along with Angela Merkel, António Guterres, Alok Sharma and others.

Kevin Anderson (@KevinClimate): @GretaThunberg Greta surgically cuts through the delusionary nonsense that we hold up as climate action. Watch out for false smiles & listen for reluctant claps and the uncomfortable shuffling of elites who prize spin over integrity.

Paul (@PaulieIsHere): @KevinClimate @GretaThunberg I just wonder how many Greta worshippers have changed their ways. Most likely next to none.

Q-BAS #SolarOurSchools (@qbas81): @PaulieIsHere @KevinClimate @GretaThunberg Activists don't "worship" @GretaThunberg we simply understand that she has a point. Also, majority of activists I know personally are changing their individual behaviour, but they are aware that working together and demanding top-down approach has bigger impact.

Stephen Barlow (@SteB777): @qbas81 @PaulieIsHere @KevinClimate @GretaThunberg Well said. Good points and all true. Not that truth appears to be something of interest to the deniers and haters.

Paul (@PaulieIsHere): @SteB777 @qbas81 @KevinClimate @GretaThunberg I'm not a denier, I'm just sick of the endless "do as I say, not as I do" waffle. Be the change you want to see in the world otherwise you are all just a bunch of posers.

Black-n-British (@BlacknBritish1): @PaulieIsHere @qbas81 @KevinClimate @GretaThunberg He is also wrongly claiming you used the tu quoque fallacy. As you say, you did not use the behaviour of such people to criticise the science or the need for change. That is what the tu quoque fallacy is. Highlighting hypocrisy is not the same thing, and is important.

Paul (@PaulieIsHere): @BlacknBritish1 @qbas81 @KevinClimate @GretaThunberg Thank you. As I said before, I'm not a denier, I'm just sick to death of those who do nothing but forever beat the "do as I say, not as I do" drum. If they just owned up to being raging hypocrites of the worst kind I'd give them a pass.

Kevin Anderson (@KevinClimate): @PaulieIsHere @BlacknBritish1 @qbas81 @GretaThunberg Without detracting from your concern, it's also important to note that many people are wresting to make significant changes to their own lifestyles. Set against a system that celebrates evermore increased resource consumption the efforts of these people is typically undervalued.

Paul (@PaulieIsHere): @KevinClimate @BlacknBritish1 @qbas81 @GretaThunberg Thanks for your input, Kevin. You are the only one I know of who walks the talk in the climate talk world so full respect. I'll sum it up this way: if the climate hypocrites can't escape their own cognitive dissonance, why should they expect anybody else to?

Kevin Anderson (@KevinClimate): @PaulieIsHere @BlacknBritish1 @qbas81 @GretaThunberg Broadly agree with your final point, & many people (eg. @StuartBCapstick @lwhitmarsh @steviedubyu et al) have repeatedly argued something similar for years, backed up with empirical data (eg. ) But as yet we still celebrate excess rather than sufficiency.

Steve Westlake (@steviedubyu): @KevinClimate @PaulieIsHere @BlacknBritish1 @qbas81 @GretaThunberg @StuartBCapstick @lwhitmarsh Agree. There are many who do walk the talk as far as possible and see this as an important social/ethical signal extending beyond the personal emissions reductions. As Kevin has shown, and Greta too, people do notice and follow. Not everyone, but many.