-- mode: org; --

TODO list experiment

  • 2023-12-27: ** - this page is now an experiment in using Obsidian pages as Emacs org-mode files.
    ** - from Activation (The Org Manual) (orgmode.org) the first step is to add a first line to the file that looks like this: MY PROJECTS -*- mode: org; -*-
  • this is now a page with a somewhat odd first line. and the first block (with the date) behaves as an org-mode outline in Emacs. I am assuming that org-mode will not be confused by these blocks of text.


  • 2023-12-31:

this is markdown text, yes?
Yes, it looks like it is rendered as such in Obsidian (i.e., it is
fenced)  .

  • 2023-12-29:

** IN-PROGRESS experiment number 2

** VERIFYING works with .md file


  • Note taken on [2023-12-31 Sun 13:49] \

adding a time-stamped note? yes?

  • State "VERIFYING"  from "DONE"       [2023-12-29 Fri 16:56]

  • State "DONE"       from "IN-PROGRESS" [2023-12-29 Fri 16:34]


- only if -*- mode: org; -*- is the first line in the file

then add in some Markdown for a header .... in fact, put whatever is not to be in an outline structure before the first org-mode headline

- there is some conflict between use of the asterisk in org-mode and Markdown

  • Aha; that is how to headline   :NOTAS: and here we have una nota :END:

  • need to type to org the outline


height: 2

length: 3

area: ?


** this is nested, yes?

  • cool, can keep each nest separated by blank lines

  • but once outline starts, there is no inserting non-outlined text?

  • once an outline, always an outline;
  • who will rid me of this meddlesome outline?