2021-04-09 personal massive wiki learnings

  1. Finally have a roadmap to gather my web content here and publish with a Massive Wiki front-end.
  2. Web-facing content of GitHub repos is in the "About" blurb.
  3. Next steps include
    • bringing Tumblr content over
    • getting the web-facing MW working


  1. build the MW using MWB
    • all work done in the .massivewikibuilder/ directory
    • $ python3 -m venv venv


  1. keep Obsidian setup and settings separate from the content of the massive wiki repository
    • copied contents of .obsidian directory to my own version controlled directory 'obsidianSettings'
    • this adds a copy step when setting up a new vault (and assumes that I want the same Osbidian settings in every vault)