Notes and observations on implementing PK's Massive Wiki Builder (MWB) software. These notes are particular to my own macOS computing setup.

  1. Pre-requisites:
    • an existing Massive Wiki folder of markdown content
    • the Massive Wiki has a GitHub backup repository
    • Python3 installation (including pip)
    • Python virtual environment experience
  2. Building a working model of using Python virtual environments

    • run the python code in a virtual environment; it is an extra step.
    • a good working practice is to activate a virtual environment in every directory that is the root for a Massive Wiki using this command: python3 -m venv venv
    • this create a venv directory containing the venv commands.
    • update the .gitignore


Today's reflections on how to think about massive wiki setup.

  1. The current MWB turns the GitHub repo README.md into the massive wiki index.html. This is also the page the "HOME" button links to. So organize the home page content with this in mind.
  2. For my own massive wiki thoughts I wonder about how to mix the personal and the public.
    • Looking at the retired P101 Mediawiki gives me this idea: "Praxis101 MassiveWiki"
    • And there is some rich content from that retired wiki that may deserve a new light.
    • And maybe put this under the praxis101.net domain?
    • Definitely need to sort out the Netlify CI/CD process