2023-06-04 some GPT4All observations

Two Medium posts have surfaced for me that describe two different ways of using GPT4All LLMs. I seem to have read many of these ideas in many different posts, so perhaps this is just my own thinking and understanding emerging.

Preliminary notions:

  • These experiments focus on using models that are open and available. So one characteristic of the code that illustrates these methods is that an OPENAI_API_KEY is not required.
  • Open and available means that the code will often use models on the [HuggingFace platform](Hugging Face – The AI community building the future.), so a HUGGINGFACE_API_TOKEN is required.
  • Python3 is used for all the code and the aim is to be using the latest version.
  • One goal is to make all the working code available in a Git repo (on Github or Codeberg)

A conversational chatbot using the free open source GPT4All

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