2023-05-07 text-generation-webui

I am able to get a webui text-generation chat working on my personal iMac (M1). Notes on what I did:

  • I started here on this webpage https://agi-sphere.com/vicuna-mac/#text-generation-webui
  • I did read the entire page and decided to follow the webui instructions.
  • This led me to this page: https://agi-sphere.com/install-textgen-webui-mac/
    • Following the instructions on this page required a few modifications (these steps involve downloading a Git repository and having Python 3.10 available):
      • when creating the Python venv be sure to install Python3.10
        $ python3.10 -m venv venv
        $ source venv/bin/activate
        (venv) $ pip install --upgrade pip # always seems like a good idea
		- not sure if the special pip command for `pytorch` is needed anymore, but I did it anyway.
- Once the required pip modules are installed it is OK to go back to the `vicuna-mac` webpage and download, e.g., the vicuna-7B model and follow the instructions there.

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