2023-04-26 Explore Gmail messages with OpenAI

From today's Massive Wiki Wednesday meet, with help from Peter Kaminski:

You: I'd like to run Gmail messages through langchain and llama-index, using Python code and the Gmail API. Create a project plan for me. I'll need use Talon for parsing emails and stripping out quoted messages.

ChatGPT: Project Plan: Gmail Messages Processing using Langchain, Llama-index, and Talon

Objective: To create a Python application that uses the Gmail API to fetch messages, parses emails and strips out quoted messages using Talon, and runs the messages through Langchain and Llama-index.


  1. Python 3.x
  2. Gmail API credentials (Client ID and Client Secret)
  3. Langchain API key
  4. Llama-index API key
  5. Talon library


  1. Setup Development Environment: a. Install Python 3.x b. Create a virtual environment for the project c. Install necessary libraries and packages (google-api-python-client, google-auth-httplib2, google-auth-oauthlib, talon, requests)

  2. Obtain API Credentials: a. Get Gmail API credentials (Client ID and Client Secret) from Google Developer Console b. Register and obtain API keys for Langchain and Llama-index

  3. Authenticate and Access Gmail API: a. Use Gmail API credentials to authenticate and authorize access to Gmail messages b. Implement a function to list and retrieve messages from the Gmail account

  4. Parse Emails and Strip Quoted Messages with Talon: a. Create a function to parse the email messages using Talon library b. Implement email stripping to remove quoted messages from the email body

  5. Process Emails with Langchain and Llama-index: a. Create a function to send email content to Langchain API and process it b. Implement another function to send the processed content to Llama-index API for further analysis

  6. Integrate Components: a. Combine functions to create an automated workflow from fetching messages to processing them with Langchain and Llama-index b. Resolve potential errors and exceptions

  7. Testing and Debugging: a. Test with a variety of email samples to ensure accurate parsing and processing b. Resolve issues found during testing

  8. Documentation: a. Write documentation on how to set up and use the application b. Provide examples of use cases and sample outputs

  9. Deployment and Maintenance: a. Package the application for easy deployment b. Plan for regular updates and maintenance to ensure compatibility with API changes and security updates

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