Marshall Steinbaum history of public land agencies

Marshall Steinbaum 🔥 (@Econ_Marshall): Just listened to this great podcast episode from a few months back where ⁦@ErikLoomis⁩ interviews Andrew Sowards on the history of public land agencies. Recommended, especially if you want an informed historical take on “a liberalism that builds.”

The reaction against New Deal-era federal agencies developing the public lands was laws that enlarged the set of stakeholders consulted. That reflects the environmentalists’ eventual successful alliance with anti-New-Deal conservatives.

Everyone gets a say, meaning government does nothing. This is what destroyed the New Deal’s version of A Liberalism That Builds, but now we have the Hewlett-funded effort to revive the coalition that destroyed the New Deal by… abrogating labor & environmental standards?

It doesn’t make any sense, and it certainly won’t work. It’s the kind of thing that you’d come up with in a think tank conference room to “bring everyone together,” except, you know, actual people.

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