2023-06-14 A simple web-interface for document Q&A

  • The morning Medium post that caught my interest is this one: For Chatbot Development, Streamlit Is Good, But Chainlit Is Better>

  • Since I have been following previous posts by Yeyu Huang I skimmed this and started trying to use the code as displayed. However, I ran into some breakdowns with the first app.py code shown.

  • I then brought up the ChainLit documentation: https://docs.chainlit.io/overview

  • The documentation on Installation worked as described, so I went straight to the Document QA link and that code worked as described. So, "yay!"

  • I will be making some of my own changes to this and then go back to Yeyu Huang's post to figure out how to ingest multiple documents and ask questions off the resulting indexed collection.

  • The next steps are to explore using the ChainLit software with an open and local LLM.

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