2022-12-31 a few musings about the year

  • in a today-i-learned vein, i finally understand what the "Overton window" is, and think I know how to use it in a sentence, and mean it. Citation: Ideas Are Weapons: the Overton Window And Fascism

  • also, from today,-- i finally feel brow-beaten (in a reasonable way) into having some interactions with ChatGPT, but I am not happy about it. the main push is RP's claim that ChatGPT provides better information for certain queries than Google search.

  • after over two years of using Obsidian -- mostly enjoyable and useful -- i still do not have a clear idea of what my PKM (or if it indeed is KM of any kind) practices are, or even what the aims are. one of the BIG Qs: i see what i am doing, but i am not sure what it is for. maybe this next year?

  • i am not sanguine about the socio-political commons and public goods here in my dear USA. and not sure how to manage the sadness.

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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