2022-10-22 S Bear Bergman - wanting mutual aid

S. Bear Bergman (@sbearbergman): When people ask me what I mean about wanting mutual aid a lot more than I want more self-care, this is (part of) what I mean: https://twitter.com/sbearbergman/status/1581630160654438402/photo/1

I did not write this! It’s a Tumblr post that’s going around, but Twitter cropped the image so you can’t see the attribution unless you expand, but it’s from Tumblr user QueerSpacePunk: https://at.tumblr.com/queerspacepunk/d3z596ktr4bx and here’s the link to their original post: https://at.tumblr.com/queerspacepunk/i-want-to-be-asked-to-come-over-and-help-put-my/scady6l8rycz

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