2022-10-16 Beth Sawin - ordinary actions

Dr. Elizabeth Sawin (@bethsawin): Hypothesis: the more dire climate change comes to feel in the collective consciousness, the harder it is to grasp that there are so many solutions at hand. Can what feels like the end of the world really be staved off by achievable and somewhat ordinary things?

Buses, walking, sharing, slowing, insulating the attic, ramping up renewables and batteries, plant based diets, drip irrigation, building soil and clean cookstoves vs the apocalypse? It can be hard to grasp.

On the other hand, billions of seemingly little moves put the world in peril, why can't billions of seemingly little things move it closer to safety?

Does lack of faith in millions of small imaginable things put those things off, leaving people waiting for some massive heroic unimaginable thing instead?

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