2022-10-10 Jean Russell - hot chocolate-y savoring pragmatism

Jean M Russell (@NurtureGirl): I don't want to trudge with willful determination. Or grudge with vengeful inspiration. I don't want to curmudge with disdainful disillusion. I want vibrant, vigorous fudge. Hot chocolate-y savoring pragmatism. Fierce gratitude. Facing grief but not devoured by guilt. Whole.

steve crandall (@tingilinde): @NurtureGirl Surprised - I figured you’d say something like ‘chocolate peanut-buttery savoring pragmatism…’

Jean M Russell (@NurtureGirl): I have fucks to give but not about everything all of the time. I want to go through life and not under/over/around. I don't want to be a hero nor fit squarely into the box. I want to transmute sacred cows. I want to be one player in a massive swarm. Gentle. Bold. Play.

Jean M Russell (@NurtureGirl): @tingilinde I ran out of characters, but you know what I love.

Gil Friend (@gfriend): @tingilinde @NurtureGirl I’m not surprised at all. Just delighted.

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