2022-10-04 Dr Karen Stenner - Transactional Organized Crime

Dr. Karen Stenner (@karen_stenner): 👇Keep this in mind during these strange & turbulent times... the next few weeks in particular of course. But (dogs willing) we'll be disentangling our societies & economies from Transnational Organized Crime for some time🤞... with all kinds of strange impacts that might seem inexplicable on the surface. https://twitter.com/karen_stenner/status/1519176527610785792

At this point, I think re. any weird political news, corporate moves, or economic chaos for which we cannot find a coherent explanation, we should at least first ponder: "Ah, so is this what happens when we start trying to extract Transnational Organized Crime from the global economy?"

Apropos of nothing of course. I'm just sitting here--thinking of no one & no thing in particular--idly tweeting out my random thoughts on Twitter: this enduring & much sought after bastion of free speech, which is not at all easily manipulated by bad actors & their digital armies.

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