2022-09-29 Katharina Pistor on monetary and financial sector stability policy

Katharina Pistor @KAPistor@mstdn.social (@KatharinaPistor): In academia, mostly economists outside the orthodox box, and lawyers.That seems to be the problem. 14 years after Lehman crashed, most economist have not caught on.

  • Dan Awrey - @DanAwrey: If today has made anything clear, it’s that folks need to start paying more attention to all the wonderful research exploring the interplay between monetary policy and financial sector stabilization policy.

    Who are your favorite scholars and policy wonks working in this area?https://twitter.com/danawrey/status/1575262661952118785

Katharina Pistor @KAPistor@mstdn.social (@KatharinaPistor): To start the list @DanielaGabor, @PMehrling @MorganRicks1 @rch371, @STOmarova, @DanAwrey, @csissoko

Perhaps we should put together a reading list? https://twitter.com/KatharinaPistor/status/1575379393714814976

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