2022-09-04 Irthu Suresh - let us rebuild from our mistakes

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Irthu (@IrthuSuresh): If you look back long enough in history everyone did cruel things to everyone else.

No religion, nationality or race escapes a bloody hand. Instead of further division this fact will bring upon more union built on the foundation of compassion and love.

Ellie at Common Action (@sellieyoung): @IrthuSuresh @cognitivepolicy joined our Working Lands call this week - he shared that in Colombia, where he’s based, and which suffered extreme violence for 30 yrs, folks opt for negotiation because they are afraid of the alternative. If everyone has bloody hands, what’s left but to build?

Joe Brewer (@cognitivepolicy): @sellieyoung @IrthuSuresh Totally with you both in this... we construct peace from the broken shards of violence and trauma. This is key to regenerative cultures in more ways than most people realize.

Irthu (@IrthuSuresh): @cognitivepolicy @sellieyoung 💯💯 let us rebuild from our mistakes. No one to blame. A lot to do and achieve through compassion, camaraderie & collaboration

(2022-09-05: can we remain positive and avoid being pollyanna-ish?)

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