2022-09-03 dj franzia hip-hop a case study in why black capitalism sucks

dj franzia (@hawillisdc): i actually think hip hop is a great case study in why black capitalism sucks—all the og’s got rich, sold the culture out to rich white folks and continued to make their fortunes partially by exploiting younger black artists. if the state of rap doesn’t convince you idk what will. https://twitter.com/lilsexycommie/status/1565369308229902336

show me a black million/billionaire with a label and i’ll show you several exploited collaborators/artists dispossessed of money and intellectual rights. they can’t even liberate the people they stole from let alone us lmao

pharrell need to pay kelis diddy need to pay ma$e, biggie’s family and the lox jay need to pay everybody career he stalled at roc nation birdman need to pay wayne again fuck 1501 and la reid like liberate your artists first yall can’t even revolutionize the music industry.

note before i mute this thread: when I said “all the og’s” it was obvious and implied i was talking about the ultra wealthy and not artists who were exploited by them and/or white label execs.


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