2022-09-02 Kashif Pirzada, MD advice on Covid-SARS2

Kashif Pirzada, MD (@KashPrime): I stand with many experts and believe that with Covid/SARS2:

  • Don't get infected
  • If you do get infected, get infected as few times as possible, while as vaccinated as possible Our leaders are telling us we're on our own, so here's some advice to navigate this crazy time. 🧵 https://twitter.com/KashPrime/status/1565680578132934657/photo/1

Especially when prevalence is high, and community immunity is low, wearing a good mask indoors is great protection. Also, pay attention to indoor ventilation, use CO2 monitoring, use HEPA filters. Share your findings on the @theRavenApp CleanAir Map. https://twitter.com/KashPrime/status/1564419336403668995?s=20&t=cqM2IDfrycQzPVJpEzat1Q https://twitter.com/KashPrime/status/1565680579626110976/photo/1

If a family member gets sick, it's not inevitable that everyone in the household will get it as well. Put an N95 mask on them, and on everyone in the house (if possible). Build/buy HEPA filters. Use rapid tests to judge when its safe. More details here: https://twitter.com/KashPrime/status/1516027793372504064?s=20&t=bKX6TxGNPnbYrJby1XTFMA https://twitter.com/KashPrime/status/1565680581316321281/photo/1

If you get sick, there are better (but hard to get) meds now. Check if you're eligible for antivirals (such as Paxlovid, Remdesivir, or monoclonal antibodies), they can make a huge difference especially if you're older or medically vulnerable. https://twitter.com/KashPrime/status/1565680583572946947/photo/1

If you're traveling, fly on airlines that require masks (Canada, most of Europe, Asia) and that turn the APU ventilation system on. Eat outdoors when possible. Take risks according to your own personal 'risk budget' and do what's most important to you. https://twitter.com/KashPrime/status/1560814948036628481?s=20&t=bKX6TxGNPnbYrJby1XTFMA https://twitter.com/KashPrime/status/1565680584910938113/photo/1

Make sure you can recognize Long Covid. Not a full list, which can include many other symptoms/body systems. Not feeling 'right' since your last infection? You probably have it, check with your own physician. And it goes without saying, you should avoid getting Covid again! https://twitter.com/KashPrime/status/1565680586789998597/photo/1

You may think you are alone in these struggles, but you are not. Eventually the rest of society will catch up as the rising toll of worker shortages, disability and death becomes harder to ignore. Until then, stay strong, and stay ahead of the game. https://twitter.com/KashPrime/status/1564789556997758977?s=20&t=cqM2IDfrycQzPVJpEzat1Q

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