2022-08-26 darryl li - debts of imperialism

darryl li (@dcli): after a day of enjoying all the dunking on this, a reminder is in order about the other debt trap that fuels the war machine: global south migrants working for military contractors https://twitter.com/RepJimBanks/status/1562820837140742144

@anjucomet made an important documentary about this, interviewing workers from tamil nadu who took on crushing loans for a chance to toil away on military bases in iraq and afghanistan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEovFBU7V9Q

@anjucomet also important is @ConflictGeo's "Empire's Labor: The Global Army That Supports U.S. Wars," which focuses on workers from Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Philippines https://www.cornellpress.cornell.edu/book/9781501742170/empires-labor/#bookTabs=1 @anjucomet @ConflictGeo in these not-very-easy-to-read graphs i made, the top segment of each bar represents the share of the contractor workforce made up by non-us migrant contractors.

at some points they were nearly 20% of the us-led military presence in iraq.


@anjucomet @ConflictGeo no one was keeping track of how many were killed. which was also a big part of the point.

these are debts that imperialism won't be canceling any time soon

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