2022-08-22 Neologism of the day: Properganda

mtobis (@mtobis): Neologism for the day: "properganda"; the art of making the truth as compelling as lies.

mtobis (@mtobis): Properganda is harder than propaganda. https://twitter.com/mtobis/status/1563886099470098435/photo/1

I think Mamet (whom I imagine I disagree with on a great many points but who is absolutely right on this one) is being a bit too harsh. Simplifications based on truths ("actual practicable program, or... actually beneficial product") shouldn't really be called "lies".

But lies are simple, and attacks on them fail because more lies are always at hand.

"Properganda" is always saying something simpler than the truth, and can easily be set back on its heels by quibbles. This is the root strategy of denialism.

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