2022-07-23 Katie Mack capitalism and personal workaholism

(WLA note: tweet thread written about news reports of Biden working while sick with COVID)

Katie Mack (@AstroKatie): This may be a heretical opinion in our capitalist dystopia but I don’t think influential people should ostentatiously work when ill, thus risking further harm to their immediate and long-term health, purely in order to show how tough and serious they are.

If you are sick and you have the option to rest you should rest; if you need reassurance, your body is already doing hard work to keep you from dying, you don’t need to do extra hard work just to proudly suffer more.

Anyway no it is not reassuring to me to see my elderly president sitting at a desk taking important phone calls when infected with a disease that is known to cause “brain fog,” please go lie down sir.

Prof. Katharine Hayhoe (@KHayhoe): @AstroKatie 💯 someone here connected the dots for me recently between capitalism and personal workaholism and it was a good wake up call for me personally.

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