2022-07-10 Covid is airborne

Sick of your ish | Higgs RESIGN | #CovidIsAirborne (@shelse): If you're tempted to dismiss people concerned with Covid/SARS2 by telling them to not live their lives in fear, may I just say that we don't live in fear? This isn't fear. I'm not afraid of Covid. I am fucking angry. I'm angry as hell. I'm angry that I have to attempt to fill 1/

the fucking gap because Public Health won't do their jobs. I'm angry that our leaders have chosen money and their jobs (which they're doing a piss poor job of, by the way), over communicating accurate information in any sort of form. I'm angry that government and public health 2/

are actively spreading misinformation about Covid/SARS2. No, Covid is not spread on surfaces. Yes, it is airborne, Dr. Tam released a statement on airborne spread on November 12, 2021. No, it's not safe to go unmasked in public. Yes, you can get it again in as little time as 3/

2 weeks. No, it's not a cold or flu. Yes, you can have very serious long term health consequences, even after a mild or asymptomatic infection. Yes, anywhere from 10-50% of cases develop Long Covid. Yes, it does spread in schools. Yes, kids do get it and they do transmit it. 4/

Yes, Covid increases your risk of bloodclots. No, the vaccine actually isn't a great match for current variants and is not doing a great job at preventing infections. No, it is not the only way to get out of the pandemic. And NO, the pandemic is NOT FUCKING OVER. 5/

I'm angry that rather than protecting the economy, government has chosen to undermine it. It's not a fucking coincidence that flights are all fucked up this summer, and Covid is spreading like wildfire. Like, it's a direct line. If people are sick, they can't work, duuuuuuh. 6/

Speaking of flights, I'm angry that the news media has chosen to focus on the chaos in airports, instead of the fact that our hospitals are in active collapse due to TOO MANY SICK DOCTORS AND NURSES. I'm also angry that they don't ask any hard questions, they just repeat what 7/

government officials say like they're fucking stenographers. Why has no one asked Jennifer Russell about the falsified evidence she provided to the Child & Youth Advocate? Why has no one called her on the fact that she "strongly recommends masks," but is out there on the 8/

fucking festival circuit this summer, unmasked, blowing her saxophone and moist air all over the place? HOW HAS NO ONE QUESTIONED HER ON HER EXPERIENCE AND CREDENTIALS??? She has no background in public health! I am just so mad that I'm watching the collapse of society in 9/

real time, and everyone else is like, dude, stop living in fear? while they go participate in activities and spaces that aren't inclusive to people with disabilities and vulnerabilities during a global pandemic. I'm mad that no one seems to have the smallest amount of concern 10/

or consideration for my mere existence. I'm angry because our government has abandoned us. Public health has abandoned its mandate as an organization to protect the health and well being of the PUBLIC. It's not individual responsibility health. It's PUBLIC health. Fuck. 11/

But most of all, I'm angry because it doesn't have to be this way. We have the tools to reduce spread and make spaces safer for everyone. Not just from Covid, but from colds and flus and other illnesses. Covid is airborne. It spreads through aerosols in the air, between rooms 12/

and floors, over short and long distances, and hangs in the air for hours, like measles. The variant fueling this wave, BA.5, is the most infectious virus we've ever encountered, more infectious than measles. The way we protect everyone is by cleaning the air. That means 13/

masking, with a well-fitted, high quality mask like an N95. It means using ventilation, filtration, and UV technology to remove virus particles from the air. It means using tools like CO2 monitors and posting CO2 levels the way restaurants post their health inspection scores 14/

publicly. Overall, it means telling the fucking truth, and pulling our collective heads out of our asses and working towards a better, brighter, and healthier future for everyone. MY LIFE IS NOT EXPENDABLE SO WEAR A FUCKING MASK. 15/15 https://twitter.com/_shelse_/status/1545871059672616964/photo/1

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