2022-07-06-21 David Hogg on mass terrorism in the USA

David Hogg ☮️ (@davidhogg111): I’ve been extremely hesitant to say this because I don’t want to see it happen but I feel like I have to- let me be clear I’m not an expert but I’m deeply worried we could be on the edge of something far worse happening than we’ve already seen. I’m worried it will if we don’t act

I do not think near enough Republicans, Democrats or law enforcement realize how close we could be to a coordinated mass terrorist attack in the United States by these young, heavily armed white nationalists.

David Hogg ☮️ (@davidhogg111): So far they have acted on their own but there are many of them and they are heavily armed and want the same thing- a male dominated, white ethnostate. They have been radicalized online and by cable news into believing there is a literal “white genocide” in our country.

David Hogg ☮️ (@davidhogg111): My greatest fear is these radicalized young men stop acting on their own and start collaborating through groups like the National socialist movement and/or proud boys for a mass terror attack.

David Hogg ☮️ (@davidhogg111): So far these shooters have typically acted on their own but I’m afraid if they aren’t already they will soon start collaborating.

David Hogg ☮️ (@davidhogg111): Luckily there’s a lot of stuff that gets prevented sometimes literally right before it happens that the public never knows about. But the possibility of this happening is still deeply concerning. As we know from the mistakes made with Parkland, law enforcement is far from perfect

David Hogg ☮️ (@davidhogg111): The gun industry and NRA has told people for years that guns are for fighting a tyrannical government and now we have more people armed than ever and a former president who literally says the election was stolen from him. Do the vast majority of GOP or Americans believe him? No

David Hogg ☮️ (@davidhogg111): but it only takes a few and they have been told for years that “immigrants are coming to destroy and take ‘our’ country” are most stupid enough to believe that? No of course not but it only takes a few disgruntled at risk (mostly young white men with guns) who believe him

David Hogg ☮️ (@davidhogg111): Don’t believe me? I’ve read these mass shooters manifestos they many say some version of the same thing- immigrants are destroying our country, the white race is being obliterated, typically there’s some section on how much they hate women, and more hateful bs

David Hogg ☮️ (@davidhogg111): Every rational American on the left and right knows these are lies the problem isn’t so much us- it’s extremist leaders in the Republican Party like Trump and others who don’t counter these lies and may not be saying them as directly but reinforce them with their rhetoric.

David Hogg ☮️ (@davidhogg111): By saying things like “they’re rapists, they’re murderers” “grab them by the pussy” “it’s time to take ‘our’ country back” “there’s bad guys on both sides” (when literally one side is nazis) “proud boys stand back and stand by”

David Hogg ☮️ (@davidhogg111): These sound like political rhetoric to many but to those capable of this violence- just like we saw with Q anon they don’t need an explicit endorsement they just need to look for “signs” of why trump is “really” saying which they read as a call to arms.

David Hogg ☮️ (@davidhogg111): Again let me state as CLEAR as possible this is not 99.9% Republicans this is a tiny percent of a percent that is causing this.

David Hogg ☮️ (@davidhogg111): Three examples-

The buffalo shooters manifesto made expeclict reference to a white genocide

The shooter at my high school made many hateful and explicitly racist/xenophobic comments about immigrants and black people

The most recent shooter in IL https://twitter.com/realjohnacastro/status/1544109398569562112

David Hogg ☮️ (@davidhogg111): As Americans we need to put our politics aside and stop this madness by working together. This is not going to stop until we do. I don’t hate gun owners- I don’t hate Trump supporters. I hate the fact Americans are dying daily and we are letting our politics stop us from acting.

David Hogg ☮️ (@davidhogg111): No American republican or democrat wants these terrorist attacks to continue. We must do all we can to prevent it to do that will require us demanding our leaders act loud and clear in a bipartisan effort. Tell them that ⬇️


David Hogg ☮️ (@davidhogg111): I can respect that we don’t agree- I can’t accept there’s nothing we can do to stop this violence from continuing.

David Hogg ☮️ (@davidhogg111): Also this is deeply concerning https://twitter.com/ryandbusse/status/1544677713922838530

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