2022-06-27 Molly Jong-Fast Stop giving republicans the benefit of the doubt

Molly Jong-Fast (@MollyJongFast): Reading a lot of pieces which fail to capture the incredible rage I feel about a Supreme Court doing something wildly unpopular that will affect more than 50 percent of all Americans.

The same people who told me they would never overturn Roe, are now telling me not to worry about same sex marriage and birth control.

Stop giving republicans the benefit of the doubt.

Stop it.

They will not be taking care of unwed mothers.

they will not be supporting women.

this is about power not about anything else.

Stripping a right away is a huge deal, huge. I don’t need it to be told by a group of Republicans that I shouldn’t be upset about something that is enormous. I don’t think the mainstream media is meeting this moment.

You don’t need to have anti-choice zealots gloating on television. We know. They won. It doesn’t inform anyone to hear them gloat and then Lie about states rights.

I understand that some news outlets are trying to be conservative now but you still have a responsibility at least theoretically to inform. You are not informing by telling women it’s raining when the supreme court is spitting on them.

Here are some great people to listen to on Roe

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