2022-06-26 Kevin Anderson IPCC WG3 scenarios

Kevin Anderson (@KevinClimate): A really important piece drawing attention to the deep & systemic biases in the scenarios & framing of Working Group 3 of the IPCC. There are a lot of lessons and good guidance in this uncomfortable read. To me at least, it helps situate WGIII scenarios as part of the problem. https://twitter.com/rosaluxglobal/status/1540335865360171009

Oliver Geden (@Oliver_Geden): @KevinClimate there may be ambitious temperature stabilisation scenarios without net-negative emissions, but I doubt you can seriously model 1.5C pathways without any Carbon Dioxide Removal (as suggested in the interview by @ysaheb & Kai Kuhnhenn/@NeueOekonomie)

Kevin Anderson (@KevinClimate): @Oliver_Geden @ysaheb @NeueOekonomie Paris included 1.5°C in 2015, over 1/4 trillion tonnes of CO2 ago. Yet in 2015, as today, we we’re already stuffing 2°C (& even higher °C ) scenarios with CDR to appease the gods of astrological economics (i.e. the neoclassicals) & keep the politics as close to BAU as possible.

Magpie Hollow Farm (@HillbillyNarnia): @KevinClimate @Oliver_Geden @ysaheb @NeueOekonomie At what point do you acknowledge that our "leaders" aren't going to change, and adopt a different strategy and agenda?

Kevin Anderson (@KevinClimate): @HillbillyNarnia @Oliver_Geden @ysaheb @NeueOekonomie I see the political &social world as too complex to make such categorical statements. I think we’ll likely lie/scam our way to 3°C+. But thats all-but guaranteed if we don’t try. Trying against a backdrop of uncertainty & social tipping points is from where my (slim)hope emerges.

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