2022-06-15 Blythe Gryphon thought control is already here

Blythe Gryphon (@Blythe_Gryphon): Thought control on a deep level is already here & it’s deepening. Tho some is overt instilled by threats in pathocracies, that bots have insidiously exacerbated existing racism & rage, all of various countries’ fears & weaknesses to influence election results is only a beginning.

These threats may seem to have happened quickly, but, if, so, it's only because we were either not paying attention or refused to believe the signs of danger and reacted by changing accordingly.

This always returns us to Elizabeth Mika's 3-legged beast: “We have known who tyrants are and how tyrannies form since antiquity: this knowledge has been supported by the ever-growing tragic evidence of the tyrannies’ effects on humanity.  —@yourauntemma https://medium.com/@Elamika/tyranny-as-a-triumph-of-narcissism-76b6fec76d0d

"Yet, despite making promises to ourselves and each other to “Never forget,” we seem not to remember and not to know, always with devastating consequences. Our forgetting stems partly from miseducation (Giroux 2014) and partly from denial." —E.M.

"It gives us clues to the kind of work — psychological, social, political, and economic — that we must do if we are to avoid self-destruction promised by tyrannies today." https://medium.com/@Elamika/tyranny-as-a-triumph-of-narcissism-76b6fec76d0d

Then, here again, we are left with a choice, to change or to endlessly repeat these cycles, which circles us back to our positive disintegration. Elizabeth Mika @yourauntemma's life changing introduction: 🙏❤️🙏Elizabeth, for this gift. https://medium.com/@Elamika/our-positive-disintegration-beacbb47bd20

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