2021-10-10 Twenty years of Republican rule in Texas

Shell_Seas (@LivingBlueTX): Here is what 20 years of Republican rule has done to Texas: (Thread)

1 in 4 Texas children live in poverty. Over 4 million Texans are living in poverty. Over 6 million Texans are uninsured. And we lead the way for uninsured children.


Texas ranks #15 most dangerous state for rape and sexual assault.

Every 2 hours a Texan commutes suicide. 36 states have lower crime rates than Texas. We are dead last when it comes to access to healthcare and adorability. 35th in pre-K - 12th education.


Texas has the second highest rate of teen pregnancy.

Texas is dead last in mental health care. 37th in poverty. 5th in maternal mortality. 47th for protecting children from poverty and hunger during Covid. 41st in child welfare in foster care. Last in insured adults.


Texas has almost had the most Covid deaths, second to California, but at the rate we’re going, well out rank California by mid-December.

Abbott and Republican legislators are responsible for the closure of more rural hospitals than any state ever.


Abbott couldn’t keep the lights on during a winter storm, which led to over 700 Texans dying.

From June 19 - June 20, Texas led the nation in chapter 11 filings.

More Texas corporations filled for bankruptcy in the first 6 months of 2020 than ever before.


Shell_Seas (@LivingBlueTX): Here is the original and fact-checked source:



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