2021-09-11 Stillness as discernment practice

Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg (@TheRaDR): Here is some essential Rabbi @SharonBrous Torah for you.

No, but really:


“There’s a massive gray area that consumes much of the space in our world today, in which we’re being called to make hard calls—about our health and safety and our childrens’, about our willingness to comply with or defy unjust norms and even laws.”

“And yet, it’s harder every day to create a clearing. The noise is real, the stakes are high, and we’re exhausted. Full of grief and worry, shock and outrage. Bereft of sleep. Further than ever from moral clarity and purpose.”

״Stillness is not ׳me time’. It’s not service of the self, and it’s not trained passivity. It’s not trading activism for mindfulness. I’m talking about stillness as a reordering of our inner world. A discernment practice, spiritually and morally audacious.”

“A reminder to dream, to think, to see differently. Because especially in times like these, times of turmoil and upheaval and so much heartache, stillness is not only a spiritual necessity, but a moral one. Because the impulsive, reactive, science-denying, profit-driven, “power-craving madness that has taken hold of our culture today is literally endangering our lives, our planet, and our future.”

Oh just read the whole thing.

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