Eric Holthaus (@EricHolthaus): On Friday, Death Valley recorded the hottest day ever measured, anywhere in the world: High 130°F, Low 104°F, Ave 117°F.

Today was even hotter.

High 128°F, Low 108°F(:bangbang:), Ave 118°F

We are in a climate emergency.

That overnight low of 108°F is still preliminary — the day isn't over yet after all.

If it holds (it will) it'll be the hottest night ever measured anywhere in the world outside of Oman (109°F).

That overnight low temperatures are warming worldwide more quickly than daytime highs is a telltale signal of climate change.

It's also making heat waves more deadly everywhere, because bodies don't have a chance to recover.

That’s a really big deal for human health.

And of course, those effects are distributed unevenly in society on the basis of race, income, and more.

One more reason why the climate emergency is an emergency.

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