2023-08-03 project mushroom associations

This page is a result of an association made from the last paragraph of a Project Mushroom update email (excerpted here) and what Peter Kaminski is doing with his bi-weekly publishing of The Plex (TODO: add links)

  • From the Project Mushroom update:

Project Mushroom's community members are continuing to maintain our two Mastodon servers, spore.social and projectmushroom.social. We also have plans to re-start the Project Mushroom newsletter to bring you updates on some of the trending topics on our Mastodon servers, and to return to our core mission. We are still here and we hope you will continue helping us build an online community dedicated to climate and social justice.

Some differences between Project Mushroom and OGM is the word “project” as in PK’s “everything is a project”. (TODO: find link)

  • And also, in today’s daily email from The Atlantic is an article reporting on declining church attendance. It ends with this gem of an excerpt from one of the quoted authors, followed by the reporter’s closing paragraph:

Quote: A vibrant, life-giving church requires more, not less, time and energy from its members. It asks people to prioritize one another over our career, to prioritize prayer and time reading scripture over accomplishment … Churches could model better, truer sorts of communities, ones in which the hungry are fed, the weak are lifted up, and the proud are cast down.

Closing paragraph: Creating an environment where people can ask more of one another, and give more in turn, seems like a wise rule of thumb for any community. If only American life didn’t make such a prospect feel so daunting.