Maps and mapping


Reading about Topic Maps and responding to Jack Park's thoughts on the differences among mind-maps, concept-maps, and topic maps.

Jack writes: I think in terms of the book Thinking Fast and Slow where I see these mappings:

  • Mind mapping is light-switch simple and fast for quick thoughts
  • Concept mapping is slower, requires a bit more thinking
  • Topic mapping is slow, and, really, should be glacially slow, what you do after you have assembled your thoughts through faster means

My thoughts:

  • Mind-maps are outlines
  • Concept maps are directed graphs
  • Topic maps are information and knowledge organization systems

For example, the Library of Congress classification scheme is a topic map.

Yeah, there is something off about this picture. Concept maps represent semantic relationships.

Topic mapping in information science is like category theory in mathematics. They are both concerned with relationships.

2023-11-19: The following thread was forwarded by Charles Blass and, while the main topic is "paths", it is not too far away from maps and mapping.
2023-11-28-gabriel_export - on paths

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