Episodic writing

Ideas about a writing form (maybe called Episodes) mentioned by Lewis Hyde in A Primer for Forgetting[^1] and a proposal.

Excerpts from pages 4-5:

“As for the form, … build on my scrapbooks rather than mine their content ….”

“…. make a book whose free associations are happily fore-grounded, a book that does not so much argue its point of departure as more simply sketch the territory I have been exploring, a book I hope will both invite and provoke a reader’s own free reflections.”

“… citations, aphorisms. anecdotes, stories, and reflections … are the stuff of my episodic form ….”

Episode properties

  • TITLE: this text is found somewhere in the "episode" ....
  • LENGTH: is a free property. Maybe use this length idea from Berlant and Stewart - The Hundreds
  • No need to finish out every last idea or connection. Leave some room for the reader to think about it ....

^1 Lewis Hyde - Remembered Forgotten